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USB FLASH MEMORY - Grotta Veterano / Bleiweisova Cesta

USB FLASH MEMORY - Grotta Veterano / Bleiweisova Cesta

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Grotta Veterano / Bleiweisova Cesta

01 Bleiweisova Cesta i (as the snow falls) - 09:59

02 Bleiweisova Cesta ii (a trembling hand) - 34:26

03 Bleiweisova Cesta iii (faces covered white) - 06:31

Sound files are wav 32bit / 88.2kHz


All music played, recorded and assembled by me (Grotta Veterano) using laptop, field recording, pedal effects.

All the material was conceived during different sessions between November

and December 2020. Assembled in December, 2020.


Special thanks : Akiko Kataoka (Oka_no), Edwin Lo and Shunske Sato (PRINT + PLANT)


Artist : Grotta Veterano

Title : Bleiweisova Cesta

Catalog No. : MATTER019


Edition : 100 copies

Grotta Veterano - Bleiweisova Cesta from mAtter on Vimeo.


Dear friends,

for me, Bleiweisova Cesta, it is a sort of sound memory. One street, the snow in the cold light in the morning, everything is slowly covered in white; everything is slowly covered in white while columns of hot smoke rise to the sky and gradually fade away, the words are muffled and the silence makes all will vain. No concept at all, I swear, this is traditional sonic exploration, disguised as an impressionist painting, in an indefinite era, with a modern palette. have a beautiful listening.

“私にとってBleiweisova Cestaは、音の記憶のようなものです。一つの通り、朝の冷たい光に照らされた雪、すべてがゆっくりと白に覆われていく。全てがゆっくりと白に覆われていく一方で、熱い煙の柱が空に向かって立ち上り、この世界がゆっくりと白銀の世界に覆われていく。熱い煙の柱が空に向かって昇っていきは徐々に消えていく。 言葉はくぐもっていて、静寂がすべての意志を無駄にします。この作品にはコンセプトは全くありません。誓って言いますが、これは印象派の絵画を装った伝統的な音の探求です。印象派の絵画のように見えるこの音楽は、この混沌とした時代に、現代的なパレットを使用して描かれています。美しいリスニングをお楽しみください。”


Grotta Veterano is an artist and architect based somewhere in northern italy, just between Trieste and Gorizia. Before moving to more abstract territories he played in several clubs with a band that makes a strange crooked electronic pop.As an architect by profession, his music is profoundly influenced by it. the sense of structure has always exercised an enormous fascination, and therefore in a spontaneous and natural way, this is reflected in the sense of measure, in the attention to proportions.Although this project represents the desire to break out of the traditional song form, the structure is rarefied but always remains present, intended as a vehicle for building music that is close to a construction of an architectural volume more or less rich in details.

However, the leitmotif of his musical research lies in the attention paid to the field of sound design and the more textural aspect of music, as in pop music so in abstract experimental music. His musical material is all that allows him to create a texture and to give the istener the opportunity to enter for a few minutes into a sound space unrelated to everyday life. He released music with Midira Records, La Petite Chamber Records, Neotantra, Fallen Moon Recordings, Krysalisound.

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