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Emily Andersen / Turbine Hall (black and white)

Emily Andersen / Turbine Hall (black and white)

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Emily Andersen / Turbine Hall (black and white)

"Looking out of the window on a train from Berlin to Weimar I saw this roof structure, and knew that I must come back as soon as I could to photograph it. That Summer I did go back and found this building. To photograph it I had to climb up a very precarious wall and stand on a ledge, because the access to the building was covered with barbed wire and security gates to keep people out. The project took the summer months of three years to complete, and culminated in my book Paradise Lost & Found."

"ベルリンからワイマールに向かう列車の中で、窓からこの屋根の構造を見て、できるだけ早く戻って写真を撮らなければならないと思いました。その夏、私は再び訪れ、この建物を見つけたのです。この建物へのアクセスは、有刺鉄線とセキュリティゲートで覆われていたため、撮影するには非常に不安定な壁を登り、棚の上に立たなければならなかったのです。このプロジェクトは、3年前の夏に完成し、私の著書『Paradise Lost & Found』に結実しました。"

Artist: Emily Andersen
Printed: Date: 2022
Edition: 5
Medium: Archival Pigment Print on Premium Luster 260
Dimensions: Unframed: 375 x 315mm / Framed: 559 x 499mm
Signed: Signed and edition number on Certificate of Authenticity
*Please note that you cannot choose the edition number.


Emily Andersen

Emily Andersen is a London-based artist and graduate of the Royal College of Art. She can photograph a derelict industrial ruin and make beauty of it. She photographs interiors; they may be in New York, Rome or London, the exact place is unimportant. What unifies her vision is the atmosphere and poetry that she evokes. She explores the language of portraiture and notions of time and the representation of memory and investigates the process of translation of everyday life into still images.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries including: The Photographers’ Gallery, London; The Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh; Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art; Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; China Arts Museum, Shanghai; and Gwangju Design Biennale, Korea. A number of her portraits are in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery, London.

She has won many awards including the John Kobal prize for portraiture. Her monograph Paradise Lost and Found was published by Hotshoe Books in 2009, and Portraits: Black and White was published by Anomie in 2018. Her multi-channel film installation Somewhere Else Entirely, that explores the work and life of the American - born poet Ruth Fainlight will open at the Bonington Gallery in Nottingham in March 2023.

Andersen is a Senior Lecturer (part-time) in Photography at Nottingham Trent University. website: instagram : andersenemily_photography




The Photographers' Gallery(ロンドン)、カナダ現代写真美術館、National Gallery of Canada(オタワ)、スコットランド現代写真美術館、スコットランド国立肖像画美術館(エディンバラ)、マサチューセッツ現代美術館、ジェハンギル美術館(ムンバイ)、中国芸術館(上海)、光陽市立美術館(光陽)またロンドンのナショナル・ポートレート・ギャラリーのパーマネント・コレクションにも数多くの肖像画が収蔵されています。

ジョン・コバール賞(肖像画部門)をはじめ、多くの賞を受賞。2009年、Hotshoe Booksよりモノグラフ『Paradise Lost and Found』が出版されました。Portraits: Black and White』は2018年にAnomieから出版され、マルチチャンネル・フィルム・インスタレーション「Somewhere Else Entirely」は、アメリカ生まれの詩人であるRobert H. H. H. の作品と生涯を探求するものである。2023年3月には、ノッティンガムのボニントン・ギャラリーで公開される予定です。

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